The Beginning 

SHAWLART by RMBAY was formed in the year 2002. We are a family run business. Under the vision of Prem Mehra, who has been a great source of inspiration with his phenomenal knowledge and experience for the last 40 years in the Textile Industry, we laid the foundation to our shawl business.

Eclectic… contemporary… romantic… SHAWLART products represent the pinnacle of Indian craftsmanship

Using his expertise, we at SHAWLART produce Scarves, Stoles and Shawls in super fine fabrics like silk wool, pure cashmere, fine wool, pure pashmina and wool blends. Our product ranges across plain dyed, shaded and embellished pieces with the application of varied techniques like patchwork, hand embroideries, hand paint and digital prints.

Present and Future

SHAWLART products represent the pinnacle of Indian craftsmanship and are unsurpassed for their quality and attention to detail. We constantly seek to find the finest raw materials from the best sources to create optimum blends. This is complimented by a constant quest in the company's product development department to create chic styles every season.

Silk Production

Influential, innovative and progressive, SHAWLART is keenly reinventing a wholly modern approach to the concept of a shawl…it is no more only a winter cover up but a high end fashion accessory that can be worn around the year without compromising on its warmth and quality.

SHAWLART supplies its collection to fashion stores in India, USA, UAE and Europe.

SHAWLART is part of the RMBAY Group, a manufacturer and supplier of woollen tops, yarns and fabrics.